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A few things about the site

About the site

First of all, the initial reason why I made this site was because I can. I found out that GitHub has a feature called Pages that builds a website for you using Jekyll and hosts it for you as well. Aside from that, I've never had any experience using a static site generator, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity for that.

Nowadays, I maintain this site because I have thoughts or I have learned something worth posting every now and then. This also motivates me to improve the look of the site, so I'm forced to learn a bit of web design in the process. This is good because I get to play around without any consequences.

This site was built using Jekyll, Twitter Bootstrap, and BootSwatch. If you like what I've done with the site and you want something similar to this, feel free to fork the site and change it according to your needs. Everything is free to copy except my blog posts.

About the author

I'm Terence Ponce. I usually go by my real name on the Internet, but I am known as terencep on the #RubyOnRails channel in Freenode. I'm a 22-year-old programmer who is fresh in the industry of software development in the Philippines. Before that, I've been a hobbyist for about 3 years; I've tried a lot of languages, and frameworks during the time, so my foundation in software development is pretty solid.

Being a social animal, it led me to being active in the local tech community here in the Philippines. I participate in a lot of events through Developers Connect and other organizations that it's affiliated with. It's pretty neat because I get to feel like I belong to something big while contributing something back to the community since I got most of my jobs through the people I meet at those events.

As for my technological background, all of the jobs that I had so far have all been Ruby on Rails jobs, so I guess I could call myself a professional Ruby on Rails developer. Before RoR, Java has been my favorite. I used it to create simple desktop applications, games, and websites. Along the way, I've tried a few other languages such as C# and Python. I've learned a bunch of new concepts from those, so I guess the time I've spent on them wasn't wasted. Nowadays, the only languages I'm using are Python and Ruby - Ruby because of Ruby on Rails and Python for the rest of my coding needs.